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It can be expensive to build a deck.  Here are 5 ways that you can save.

1) Out with the old: Removing your old deck yourself and hauling it away can save you the cost of demolition and hauling by a professional. We recommend deciding whether to do this after getting a cost estimate from your #newdeck company though.

2) Keep it simple: Eliminating curves and other fancy #deckdesigns will make a difference, but reducing the overall size of the deck is where you’ll find the biggest savings. Matching deck dimensions to standard lumber lengths and using pre-made concrete piers, or footings, can also reduce cost.

3) Choose wood: #Wooddecks require yearly maintenance and deteriorate sooner if they don’t get it. Investing in a #compositedeck could save time and money later, especially if you plan to stay in the house for a long time.

4) Time it right: The warmer months are most popular for deck building, so scheduling your installation in the offseason is a way to save. With fewer jobs between November and March, #deckcontractors offer reduced labor rates and faster scheduling to gain your business.

5) #DIYDeck if you dare: Pulling permits, interpreting building codes and properly installing foundation supports are above the skill level of many DIYers. In most cases, paying a pro to install a deck is worth the peace of mind.

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Author:  Dennis Lamere, Owner